Bracelet buttons

A while ago, I bought a couple of mug racks online to hold my 60+ bracelets. The racks are beautifully made, but the pegs are so short, I could fit only one bracelet on each–a coffee mug would never fit.
So I wrapped cardboard (to be honest, I used TP tubes) around each. Problem solved!

Except I guess they point very slightly downward, and a bracelet occasionally slips off. I needed something a little bigger at the end. Buttons? I hate to waste them, and I want a matching, neutral finish. Beads? Umm. I know!
I 3D printed disks with a short stem, and hot glued them in place. Attractive, uniform appearance, and jewelry stays put.

Nothing like learning a new tool to make you find tons of uses for it!


First of all, what a lovely collection!

Second, great way to store them…and using your imagination and practicality to solve a problem!

Third, you now have room for…more!


So innovative! So practical! Such a pretty display!

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That is very inventive!!!

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That looks great. I also have my jewelry collection hanging up, might as well display all that pretty stuff.

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Yeah, I have all my jewelry (except for the expensive stuff–ya know the diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc.) on display.

Earrings are hung on Dollar Tree cooling racks, necklaces on hook bars from DT. Way up at top left is seasonal jewelry, Halloween/day of the dead and Christmas.

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What a great way to organize your stuff! So clever!!

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These are on the walls on either side of the bed. They came with 3 hooks each, I added 10 tiny hooks across the bottoms. It’s nice looking at all the pretties!


What a great display of a lovely collection!

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