Brag Books? Pockets? Thingies?

I made two of these- one for my parents and one for my MIL. I used a tutorial by Einat Kessler although I added more pockets than her version called for. I love this because it can be packed full of stuff and folded tidily for either storage or display.


Love the colors you chose and I am sure they will treasure them.


Thanks! Hooray for coordinating paper stacks! :smile:

Brag books, thatโ€™s a great word for them! Because thatโ€™s exactly what the new owners are going to do with them.

I love the papers and colours you chose but most of all, itโ€™s a very thoughful gift for people who are presumably at an age where they arenโ€™t that interested in material gifts anymore. They can carry their brag books with them and show off their grandkids and great-grandkids to everyone!

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Aw, what a cute way to gather the photos for gifting. Little pockets full of cuteness! Those papers do look great together.

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Perfect for brag books! You can get so many in that small package which also protects the photos. NICE!

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This is really great, I love the colours

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Thanks, guys!

I really love this idea and you executed it perfectly!

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Thank you!

What a special way for them to carry beautiful photo treasures!

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