Branch and yarn wall art

I started this project the other day but I didn’t know what it was going to be. we have a pond out back of our house that has beavers living in it and so there is an abundance of sticks around. So the other day I took a couple of the cooler looking ones, cleaned them up, and sanded them sort of smooth. then I put some spray on veneer on them.
I didn’t know what I was going to do with them exactly but they were interesting looking. then yesterday I got the urge to make a wall hanging with yarn. After some starts and stops due to fighting with the cat, this is what I came up with. very happy with it overall.

I used two skeins of yarn that blends from navy blue to gray in a gradient pattern and I cream kinda fluffier yarn.


This is beautiful! Love the branch hanger and great colors.

So unique and very aesthetically pleasing!

thanks, Its above my dinning room table which is right next to my kitchen and the blue goes with my cabinets.

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Love the organic nature of your branch and yarn wall hanging. Well done you!

Love the scallops along the top, and the way the colors cascade. Very pretty!

The yarn colors are sooo beautiful!! The blues and grays mix beautifully!!

thanks they are one of the yarns that change color as you knit so I kinda cheated, but it worked out well.


It’s really pretty! I always like the look of beaver sticks - I have some up on the wall holding swap prayer flags.

This is super CUTE!!!

Reminds me of one of those incredible flapper dresses, very neat-o.

with the number of sticks around, I am thinking it should be a regular thing in my art. :smiley:


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Firstly, it’s really cool that you have beavers :grinning: and secondly, I really love your design with the contrast in textures :grin: