Branch woven metal planter repair

Found someone who has a lot of virginia creeper they want gone. So I nabbed some, and finished the planter. Now I just need to figure out what will I fill it with, heh.

Not too worried about the top part, as I’m going to put two or three different species of boston fern in it. So that should be hidden in a year or two.

Also, they still have a bunch…a buuuunch of vines they want rid of, so I have my filler for the arch I’m going to make, :grinning:


That is gorgeous!

It looks way cooler now! Love that it will blend so well with whatever plant it holds. I had a friend who made wall art with braided branches and vines. Can’t wait to see the arch as well.

Turned out beautifully! Virginia Creeper grows wild in my backyard…never thought to save the vines…I cut them off at the roots as they grow up the pine trees…I bet they could be pulled off quite easily now that they are dead! Did you soak the vines to soften them first?

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Nah! didn’t need to as they were pretty…malleable. I could even pretty much sew the thinner parts as they were so bendy.

As for the thicker, well, all vines, they could easily be turned into wreaths. But they are definitely easier to work with green, or even steamed/soaked for a little if they were partly dried. Also, even including the elm branches I used, letting them sit for a few hours in the heat of the day helped to make them even more malleable, and less likely to break.


I have tons of VA Creeper. This is such an inventive way to use it. I really like your wreath idea too. The basket is very pretty and will look great with plants in it.


Oh this came out sooo cool!!

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This is such a neat way to use that metal basket! The vines provide a charming natural effect that will work great with whatever you put in it.

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This is wonderful Charles, I absolutely love how it came out. Really nice!

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Excellent save! I love the contrast of the metal and vine.

The Nephrolepidae are planted within the planter.

I used a burlap mesh my wife brought from work, and with how spindly the rizomes are on these Boston ferns, they should sprout shoots all over the pot.

Plus, both these species have about the same length of leaf growth, so this should look awesome by late Spring next year. Woot!


Your basket is a great idea! It turned out really nicely. The ferns will really set it off perfectly.