Bread making on a diet

I decided if COVID was going to be around and keep me mostly at home, I could either mope around or do something positive. I gained about 15 pounds just stress eating, mostly chips, pretzels, and snack foods that I rarely ate when I was working out of the home. So, I decided to get back to my favorite way of keeping healthy, which for me is going mostly low carb/keto.

I found this lovely YouTube person who has the most comfortable style and gives really easy directions on the foods she eats. I found one for low carb, keto, gluten free bread and decided to give it a try.

OK…looks fairly good inside and out but I think my baking powder was old so it didn’t come out as pretty as hers did and the texture was a bit heavy for my taste. I ate one bun with just butter, but I think I will cut them up into pieces and use them as sort of a crouton instead or dipping in soup. I mean, not bad and for 1 carb, I will probably experiment and make them again, but not my favorite.

Still learning…and this had no wait time, leavening, or yeast…Keto Bread-Simple Recipe


Can you share the link to where you got the recipe please. We eat low carb too.

Low carb here to, please post the link. It looks delicious.

practicing is the only way to get better! I like the idea of turning it into croutons rather than just scrapping it

I’m going to jump on the recipe wagon. My husband and I are trying to eat healthier too. He’s been working out for a year now and is looking the part :heart_eyes:, whereas I… have not… and therefore, do not. :laughing:

Oh my goodness! That looks so good.

I’ll put the link in my first post…I had a piece toasted this morning and it was pretty good! It softened up in the bag I placed it in. I’ll buy fresher baking powder to see if it will help…lol the date on my container says use by 2-20-15!!! lol

BTW…her flatbread is some of the best I have ever had…similar to naan but low carb…easy to do and use for wraps…so far I am down 8 pounds!!!


Thanks for sharing! My waistline is not appreciating this quarantine either! I’ve never done low carb before because I love my breads but this could help!

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