Bride of Frankenstein Hoop - Monster Jam

This is an old project of mine from 2016, but I’m reposting it here for the April Monster Jam!

Here’s Bride of Frankenstein!

Original Craftster thread:


The details of this are amazeballs for real!


Totally, completely awesome!


Wow! It’s so amazing that you could capture that type of expression with felt and thread. So cool!!!

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such a great job on that face!

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All those tiny little bits. And her lips and eyes!! I am still flabbergasted you were able to capture her delicate expression on FELT. You’re out of control, roler!

I’m feeling the need to make a stitch felted hoop. I really really am.


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This is the coolest!!!

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This is fantastic!

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I’m a huge Bride fan. This is PHENOMENAL!!! I love everything about her, the expression, the movement, the super tiny details, and the background fabric.

I remember when you originally posted this—it was mind blowing then, and just as amaze balls now! Love this one!!

This is my absolute favorite!

Wow! You really rocked this — it’s amazing! The image is so striking and so detailed.