Bright Mandala

I’m calling this finished since it made it to a circle shape. Not bad for making it up as I go.


Very pretty! You must really be enjoying quilling. I know I’m enjoying seeing what you have made. This is my favorite so far.

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I am! I have a table full of things I’m working on right now. I got more tools in the mail yesterday so I’m playing with them now. :smiley:

It’s lovely!


This is my favorite, too! Wonder what you’ll do next!!

So pretty! I like the colors you chose.

Congrats! Your Bright Mandala is one of this week’s featured projects. You are amazing!

whaa! I’ve never been featured before! flails

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Wow, this is awesome! I really envy your patience :smile:

There is so much going on to explore with this. The colors! The shapes! COOL!

This is beautiful! That’s honestly how a lot of my stuff goes! Except, maybe not with such a successful finished product Haha!

I love it!