Bright Village Shirt

One of four gorgeous fabrics I recently ordered from Purple Seamstress.

You can ask them to scale their available designs to any size, as they are all print on demand. I made a mockup of my pattern and their fabric in Photoshop and played with the scale until I liked how it looked.

Fabric: Faux Bright Village Embroidery scaled to 12"
Sleeve fabric: cotton interlock from Joann.
Pattern: McCalls 6964 (Butterick 6848).


This may be the perfect holiday shirt right here.

Is the print of an embroidered village?

Your shirt came out great!

It’s digitally drawn to look like embroidery. I’m absolutely amazed at the things artists can create in 3D-look surface design.


Oh, wow! That fabric is gorgeous and I love the scale of it on the shirt.

No matching this time :smiley:

@Cindy Au contraire. Back and front are matched horizontally; and center back and front were placed on the same (deliberately chosen ) vertical.


My most humble apologies :joy:

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Tee hee :smile:


When I enlarged it, I saw the embroidery look of the fabric. It’s so neat. You did a great job of picking the sizing of the print and, of course, the placement. Making the sleeves a different color makes the focus fabric pop, too. Amazing!

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Custom-scaled fabrics? A new trick has now been unlocked. This is fantastic. I love the dark blue sleeve accents!

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Who knew you could get custom scale? I asked, and the answer was “whatever you want!” Wheeeeeee!

I like the contrasting sleeves, but will admit I originally made it that way for cost/efficient use of fabric reasons.

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Very cool! It makes winter look so cozy.

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WHOO doggies. This is sew nice.

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I wore it today and one student asked if it was itchy, but I said IT’S NOT REAL so then they all wanted to touch it. Touching is allowed on the BACK.

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