Brigid’s crosses

I am currently in the Wicca/Imbolc swap. Check out the amazing gallery here Imbolc swap.

I learned so much from this swap! Imbolc is a Pagan holiday celebrated in February. The Irish Catholic Saint Brigid is integral to this holiday. She may or may not have really lived. She may have been based on a pagan Goddess. Regardless of origins, she is one of the patron saints of Ireland. Many Irish people make Brigid’s crosses and place them in their homes.

Today in my Catholic Sunday School class we made St. Brigid’s crosses, learned about Brigid herself, and Ireland’s pagan and Catholic history. Here are the crosses my son and daughter made. Twisting each arm of the cross isn’t the traditional way of making these, but that’s why my class ended up doing. They all loved making their crosses. A special thank you to @JoyfulClover and @Edel for making this swap happen and teaching me so much through this swap.

I used this Brigid’s Cross tutorial: Brigid’s Cross tutorial


Happy belated Imbolc, MM! I’m so happy you joined! I’ve also learned a lot! Mainly about the focus to clean out the old to prepare for the new. Sometimes by cleaning, sometimes by fire. She also symbolizes the spark of creativity, so I thought it was quite apropos we started the WWP off right!

I love your kids were also introduced to her!


So colorful, and such a learning experience for your kids :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s so cool you did this with the kids. There’s a topic started recently here to show off kid crafts, hint hint :wink:

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