Bringing Home the Bacon- a family ATC

This last family ATC (finally!!! LOL) is for my son in law, who is just about the hardest working guy I know! Works long hours and does what needs doing, regardless. Probably the youngest employer I’ve ever met. Started his own viable company at, I think, 21 or 22 and has kept it running since, although he’s considering selling it to focus more on the real estate ventures he’s been working on, on top of that.


I like your cartoon style! Cute!!


All about the Benjamins! This is really fun!

But, I’m kinda bummed that this is your last Family ATC.


What? Last one? NOoooo! I’ve been enjoying looking at your growing collection and hearing the stories behind them. This one is fun!

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Thanks, everyone!

There will be more in March! :heart:

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