Buffalo plaid rubber duck blanket

I designed and crocheted this blanket. I finished it a few days ago.

Originally I was going to just leave it a plain blue buffalo plaid. A few rows in, I decided that the blanket would be too boring. What would go on a blue background? A rubber duck, of course! And the yellow pops nicely against the blue.

It really needs to be blocked. I need to get some foam squares so I can do that.

Here’s a close up of the duck. I used to collect rubber ducks, and I still have them all in a box. Maybe it’s time to break them out. Release the Quackens!



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This is fantastic! Release the quackens indeed

What stitch did you use?

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I used the seed stitch. So every row is (sc, dc) repeat across the row, every row. Each plaid square is 6 stitches wide and 4 rows tall.


This is downright adorable! I love how bold and graphic it is, too!

I read this as “each plaid square is 6 inches” and went back to count… that would make this about 10 feet across! :flushed: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That looks so good, it’s incredibly vibrant which I particularly enjoy. That beak!

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That’s awesome! Super cute and impressive!

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so cute!

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So stinking cute!

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And great design.

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How much of a pain was finishing off each of the loose ends?

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It wasn’t too bad. Along the plaid edges when the duck wasn’t being worked, I carried the non working yarn up the right edge of the blanket, so the only ends to work in were the starting strands at the bottom. When I started the duck, I did have to cut the light blue and the black yarn a few times because I couldn’t carry it up the edge of the duck body on the left side of the blanket. I only had about 25 ends total to weave in. Which is nothing compared to some projects I’ve done.

I’ve only done one with color changes (the same three many times) and I think it took longer than the project itself! I’m impressed with your patience!

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On this one, you crochet over the top of the color you aren’t using. So on row one, you work 6 black while crocheting over the top of the navy blue and then 6 navy blue while crocheting over the top of the black while working in the (sc, dc) across pattern. You do that for 4 rows. At the end of the 4th row, don’t cut off the black yarn. Just ignore it.

For the next set of 4 rows, you work 6 navy while crocheting over the top of the light blue, and 6 light blue while crocheting over the top of the navy. After row 2, I pick up the black yarn that is hanging off the right side of the blanket to carry it up the side of the blanket. After row 4, I change back to black and drop the light blue.

Keep repeating this, and you have few ends to weave in by the end. You do have to stop and untangle the yarn from time to time, but that’s way easier than weaving in a million ends. :slight_smile:

May try it when I get back to my plaid placemat project, but I’ve got a few WIP’s I need to finish first!

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Congrats! Your project is one of this week’s featured projects! You are awesome!

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Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What a great design and great execution. I love it!!!

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