Bunco Shirts for Mom

Last Christmas (2018), I got my mom a Silhouette. I think she only uses it when I’m visiting :slight_smile:

My mom has recently started playing Bunco with a bunch of ladies in the area. She wanted to make shirts for a couple of them and enlisted my help while I was down there this Christmas. She purchased the design, which made it much easier to do (I modified it for her shirt- “What table…”), and she wanted the dice in 2 colors, so I cut the whole design out in white first because it left a slight outline in the HTV backing plastic so I could accurately place the red dice.


Her friends loved them and warned her that everyone will want one. Now, I think my mom is ready to dive in and use it on her own. She even researched heat presses! I think I may have created a monster :slight_smile:


Those look very well made! I’m sure that’ll make Bunco more fun!

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Thanks! My mom did the ironing of the HTV, and I had her go over some spots more than once to make sure you could see the texture of the shirt through the vinyl. I didn’t want them coming apart in the wash. And, even though I really don’t know what Bunco is (besides a dice game), they should get a laugh (especially my mom’s, because apparently, she always messes up when it’s time to move tables!


How fun! HTV shirts can definitely be addicting and a heat press definitely makes the whole process much easier!

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I love Bunco! Those shirts really are fun and funny!

What a nice way to spend time with your mom…hope she BUNCOs a lot in her new gear!

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Once you get the hang of it, your Silhouette will get busy! I love HTV and I have bought a lot of designs too,yes, that is just easy to start with.

Oh and I used my iron before too, but I own a little heatpress now and I am in love with that. Makes pressing so easy-peasy and I am sure it will stay on.

I have this one, small but great!

Anyway, I love the shirts you two created and hope you got your mom addicted to her Silhouette!


I’ve had my own Silhouette for years (I had a Portrait but gave that to my sister when I upgraded to the original Cameo). It got a lot of regular use, but when the announcement came about compatibility issues with a recent Windows upgrade, I haven’t hauled it out to sort that issue out (I guess there’s a workaround). I might actually try it this weekend.

My mom got me a heat press for Christmas a couple of years ago, but it was too heavy for me to get up to the craft room. That happened this summer, so once the compatibility issues are solved, I’ll be good to go!


I heard about issues some had with the update of the Windows software. Maybe that is fixed by now?

I have the Silhouette Cameo 3 and bought the Silhouette Business edition of the software. I love playing with designs. I am thinking of buying a pen to attach to my ipad, I hope I can upload that into the software. That would be awesome!

Yay for happy crafting!!


I’ll let you know if I can get mine connected. The funny thing is, I was going to trade my Cameo for my mom’s Cameo 3, and then the connection problem happened. I couldn’t give her a potentially not-working machine and take the fancy new one for myself :slight_smile:

I have the Business edition, too, but haven’t really taken the time to play around with it. I wish I had the skills to draw my own designs. That would be so fun. I think you could upload things if you saved them as a .png, .svg, or even a PDF. You can open up most files with the Business edition.


Nice Bunco uniform! I never heard of Bunco before, but after looking it up, it sounds fun.

Thanks, @Jeanne! I had never heard of Bunco before, and I still don’t know how to play it. Maybe I’ll learn someday, and then I’ll have to make a shirt for myself! :slight_smile:

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@craftADDchick, I edited your post to add the blur feature for you. Only because you mentioned not knowing how, not because I felt you needed to be ‘edited’! Lol. If you want to remove it, you can go in and edit your text, and remove the formatting text around your photo. :blush:

Thanks! I wasn’t sure if people would be offended by the text on the shirts. If you think it’s okay, I’ll remove it. But, at least I’ll know how to do it in the future!

At least the Silhouette is being used, and maybe she will try it herself now that you’re there to show her. And of course people will want their own shirts now XD

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I did send her the files (I was only there for Christmas… back home in freezing cold New England, now!), so she might give it a try, especially if others want one. I might have to coach her over the phone, but she’ll get the hang of it quickly.

Best monster ever!

I want to learn how to play just to wear the tees!


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Those are so cute!

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