Bunnies from squares

I made all 7 bunnies from one ball of fluffy yarn. Each bunny is a knitted square which is then gathered to make the head and ears. We have a guild sales table at our patchwork guild exhibition to raise funds for the guild and these were very popular as pocket money toys.


They look so soft!!

Those are so cute! and so many from one skein of yarn!

These are adorable, but I’m afraid my doggos would think they were chew toys lol

What a great idea for fundraising!

I would not be able to resist one of these. They are so cute! STS. I’m just saying…

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Yeah, my child would definitely snap one up!
Do you have a pic from a different angle that shows the ears better? I’m confused by the squares description.

They need to be hugged! They look so soft.

This is a bunny with just the head and ears done.
And this is how you run the gathering thread to pull up the head and ears. The triangle becomes the head and the 2 corners are the ears


That is such a cute and sweet idea! You did a great job with them!

That makes so much more sense now! Clever!

I can’t wrap my brain around how you make this from a square. Do you have any progress pictures?

Those are too adorable for words. Somehow it never occurred to me to make them with fuzzy yarn!

@artsycandice I think she may have used a process similar to this tutorial:


Yes absolutely. That’s exactly how it is done and there are lots of online tutorials for these bunnies. It’s a fun project for children learning to knit because a garter stitch square is not hard to do but a bit boring unless you can turn it into a bunny :grin:
You can use crochet too

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They are so cute when made from fluffy yarn! Well, they’re cute regardless, but your are irresistible!

So cuddly soft I bet. :slight_smile:

I love the fuzzy yarn choice. I would have never guessed they were made from a square!

Oh my word, adorable and ingenuous!

They are ADORABLE! and great that you were able to make 7 out of one ball :smiley:

I love these bunnies…just in time for Easter!