Bunny Cake

I made this for my daughter’s birthday. Not really sure why she wanted her cake to be decorated like a garden pest but. . . .


It’s so darling! Please tell me it’s carrot cake… :carrot:

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Carrot cake would be awesome! Love this.

Oh my goodness. This is the sweetest.

Carrot cake would have been appropriate, but then my daughter wouldn’t have ate it.

So cute!

My favorite kind of pest!

Mmm, Carrot Cake is the BEST cake there is! Shaped like a bunny puts it right over the top. Almost feel bad eating that thing. Almost :smile:

Most adorable birthday cake ever!

Look at that sweet bun! Er, cake!

The cake turned out adorable. I’m sure she loved it.

Well that’s a super cute garden pest

Love the ears…and you made it less “pesty” by the cute face!