Bunny of the Moon Hairpin

It’s been fun working my way through ‘dream’ projects that I’ve always wanted to do during quarantine. This is one I’ve had in mind for a several years but haven’t had the time or energy to work out how to go about it. After working on so many wirework and fabric pieces in the past few months it just kind of came together. It’s nice when that happens. :slight_smile:

The rabbit is white glitterwire and white silk with a little bit of pale pink dye and a magenta rhinestone for the eye. The flowers are silk - the round ones are plum blossoms, and the pointy one is a chrysanthemum. The moon is gold glitterwire with iridescent white organza. It also has a cute two-piece bira-bira (metal flutter). I only have a few of these type of flutters so I use them pretty sparingly.

And this is what it looks like on the back. The moon is glued to the chrysanthemum and plum blossom on the bottom of the moon, which have wires that connect to the hair pin base. I covered the wire with embroidery thread to finish it.

This is based on the Japanese legend of the rabbit of the moon “Tsuki no Usagi” of course. :smiley: I chose winter flowers to go with this piece because mochi (which the rabbit makes on the moon) is also a winter theme.


Very sweet. :rabbit:

This is so wonderful. It is beautiful and sweet.

This is so beautiful. I love the subtle blush of pink on the rabbit. I am completely in awe of it. Stunning!

So pretty! I love the subtle shading on the rabbit.

I gasped a little when I saw this! It’s so delicate and charming.

So much detail is such a small, delicate piece. I am so glad you chose to incorporate the metal flutter here. I think it is the perfect touch.

So pretty! You did an amazing job!