Butterfly and flower mixed media

I have been playing around with some posca markers that have been I’m my stash for a while. I know a lot of people love them but they have seemed a bit chalky looking for my general tastes.

So I am playing around with ways to make that work. The butterfly is alcohol ink and the background is acrylic.

I’m still not a huge fan of the poscas but think it turned out pretty well.


The butterfly is remarkable.

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The boldness of the flower against the background is stunning! Love it!

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Hmmmm… Hope this is not a duplicate post. Thought I had posted, but it doesn’t show up and when I try to re-post, it says I can’t because it’s too similar to what I just posted!

Anyway, I think this is awesome and I love the effect you got!

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Thank you all!

So very colorful, love it

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This is so pretty and bright.

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Thank you @MissingWillow and @kittykill

That looks cool, I like the dots & stripes. What don’t you love about the posca markers?

They have a chalky kind of look to them that I’m overall not thrilled with, which is a shame because they clog way less than most paint markers. They just aren’t my favorite look.