Butterfly Assemblage Art

I made this little assemblage piece for geekgirl in the Holiday Present Swap. I had never made any assemblage art before, but decided to give it a go for the swap since geekgirl likes the style so much. I started by just gluing whatever I could find down onto a wooden cradle board type of frame. I was lost and thought it looked like junk until I found this weird piece of metal on a construction site and picked it up.

I brought it home and was looking at a way to incorporate it and inspiration struck me! It dawned on me that it looked like the trail of a butterfly! And thus, this piece was born. I used several different shades of blue on the background to try to emulate a starry sky and attached the butterfly and it’s “trail” with wire to the background.

Unfortunately, the box never delivered and seems to be lost, but I’m hoping that this butterfly is out flying somewhere!


You did a phenomenal job at assemblage art!I love that piece of metal. It has a nice sheen to it. The butterfly really pops on the board. So sorry it was lost. I’m sure someone is loving it though.


I love how it came out

Well, how cool! Sorry it went missing. Using that twisted metal as a butterfly trail was genius!

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It turned out great!

Ah what a bummer! I hope it turns up because it’s really lovely.

Still so sad this was lost. Boo!!!

But I love your foray into assemblage! Great work, esp the found item!

This turned out so pretty! I kinda wish it had got “lost” at my house! :wink: It’s so sad that Geekgirl isn’t enjoying it right now! I sure hope it somehow makes its way to her…!

I LOVE it. I’m so disappointed that it was lost in the mail.

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What a gorgeous piece! I hope it finds its way to geekgirl eventually!

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This is an awesome piece! I love how a found object pulled all the inspiration together.