Butterfly gardening

Are there any other butterfly gardeners? I’m planning a milkweed garden for the spring. Currently, I have tropical and giant milkweed. My hairy balls died which was sad.

My current cats because I live in Houston and we have resident non-migrating monarch butterflies.


What a cool idea

I do wildlife gardening in general (Baltimore area) & have a bunch of host plants-- all three of our local milkweeds as well as a bunch of other things. I’m trying to get a good patch of Turtlehead going for the (possibly not even around here anymore, but we gotta try!) Baltimore Checkerspot, but so far that’s not doing really well.

Have you checked out the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center? They have lots of awesome resources, especially for Tx. They’ll most likely have a good host plant list if you want to plant for other caterpillars too.

(also, are you far enough south that your tropical milkweed doesn’t die back over the winter? There are a lot of PSAs going around about that carrying over parasites and not being good for the caterpillars)

Yay for planting to feed other species! :grin:


I do use lady bird often! My tropical doesn’t die back so I cut it back every few weeks to prevent the spread of OE. I went to cut it back and found cats so I left it alone. Once these cats move on to j-hang, I’ll cut back anything that’s left.

I’m part of a pretty extensive FB group in Houston and we have a grow out group starting soon to grow native texas milkweed from seed. I’m pretty excited!


Ya’ll talking about plants and I’m still over here giggling over “hairy balls” like a twelve year old. :see_no_evil: :joy:


Oh every time. Trust me. That’s why I got them. The less “offensive” name is balloon milkweed. I was super upset when it died.

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Also laughing at hairy balls over here. Hehehe… I love that idea of a butterfly garden! I’m sure it’s good for bees, too. What fun!

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Yep, the hairy balls gave me giggles too! It will be so cool to see all of your butterflies.

I am experienced in butterfly gardening, and offer to answer questions.
I came to this site seeking information about something that is related to this forum only remotely. My thinking is that among butterfly afficionados there might be someone who knows about molding soap bars, and ways in which to make bars that bear any sort of butterfly design. Design could be embossed or impressed.