Butterfly Topper Knit Hat for Future Gift Closet

So many of my friends are becoming grandparents! I just can’t keep up. I decided to make some small gifts in advance to put in my gift closet.

DMC had a bunch of these baby/toddler hats for sale so I might have bought a few… :slight_smile:

This is the first one I made…it was just a simple knit. I wanted to crochet it, but from reviews on the product, I found that they really don’t provide enough yarn except to make a newborn hat if you crochet…in fact, about all you can make is a small child/toddler size even if you knit it…about 98 yards total is all they give (which is why they were so inexpensive, I guess!)

I made the hat twice…I followed the instructions exactly and seemed to have a lot of yarn left over…the hat looked so tiny! Sure enough, looking on line for hat measurements, it would probably fit a premature baby! The yarn is also three yarns blended together…the sparkly yarn is fun and pretty, but a bit scratchy…I did not like that it fell on the brim and would be against a child’s skin so I moved it in the middle. For reference, I used almost all of the yarn up by using the small child size and not the toddler size.

I love the little butterfly attached on top…and it can be removed easily if the parents or child don’t like it.

At least I learned a few things while making this particular “kit”…good thing since I bought ten of them!


Super cute!

I love these kits!!! Kids love them so much with the stuffy toppers! Someones going to be a very happy recipient

So precious!

Super cute. Too bad the yarn is scratchy because its pretty.

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Very sweet. I love the butterfly!

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I positioned the yarn so that it should sit on some hair and is not tight around that part of the hat…that is why I had to re-do it…kids will not wear anything that is uncomfortable (adults either!)…


These are so cute!

They turned out so cute!

Adorable! Such a sweet baby gift :slight_smile:

So true!

Love this cute little hat. Can’t wait to see the others! :wink:

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