Button cuffs

I wanted to make some cute accessories for Spring but didn’t feel like hitting the craft shops for supplies. Hmm. What’s a gal to do?

Huge stash of toilet paper cardboard tubes + two of my favourite buttons + hair ties = fabulousness!


Action shot!


Such a ecofriendly way to look fabulous!

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Right? And all done in less than 15 minutes!
Bonus: If it gets too warm out and I need a hair tie, I have one handy :wink:

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So pretty!

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Or if you need to write a secret message or you lose a button, you got paper and a button. It is better than ecofriendly-it is survival friendly!


Oooh, it’ll be the next fashion craze! I love it!

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So cool! Stylish and with such a low carbon wristprint.


GENIUS. Definitely going to do this.

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