Button storage

Yet again I find myself asking where to get stuff.

I’m looking for button tubes of the kind that you often find in haberdashery shops. a Clear tube of the width of the button with a screw on top. I mean I HAVE found them but the shop I’ve found that sells them is a supplier for Haberdashers so the minimum order is for £50 (and that’s a pre-VAT cost I think so with VAT and postage it comes to about £70)

Does anyone know of somewhere I could get these in smaller numbers? I’ve searched the web a fair bit but haven’t come up with anything satisfactory yet.

They are for sale on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/PH-PandaHall-Containers-130x25mm-Diameter/dp/B0748F7Q5J/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=storage+tubes+with+caps&qid=1593636778&sr=8-6

Not sure how much shipping to your location costs though. Might be quite expensive.

Another idea is maybe ask your local shop if they could order some for you? They probably order from their supplier quite frequently and maybe they could just add the amount you need to their next order?

On man, I never thought to have those but now I might need some.

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Hi. Thanks for trying but it comes to £31 including shipping to the UK. Time was you could get stuff sent to the UK by boat (got a couple of board games that way - airmail the shipping is usually a lot more than the game) but USPS stopped doing freight quite some time ago. Shame as I was willing to wait the extra months. My other route might be to buy in bulk and ebay/etsy the rest.


Just saw the bit about local shops. I’ll try that. They may feel glad of the extra money now that we’re coming out of that stage of lockdown.

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I believe you can still do that but you need to send it over in bulk. My husband does it a lot for toys from Japan. He has them wait until he has a lot of stuff to send over. It takes a little longer but a lot less shipping. For something this small, it might not be worth it, unless you wanted a lot of stuff added to it.

My dad collected coins and found tubes at the coin shops. They come in all heights and diameters. Do you have local coin shops you could check out?

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Not sure but it’s another lead to follow. Thanks!

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