C2C DC2TG Anyone?

Has anyone done C2C corner-to-corner crochet stitch with the DC2TG (double crochet two together)? I’m left-handed so written instructions makes it easier for me. Not finding anything via Google.

A lady brought one in that she had done to our crochet group but then she didn’t stay. Not sure when she might pop in again.

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It’s called a Cluster Stitch … Check out this Video on YouTube. She walks you through step by step and it looks fairly easy.

Thanks Cindy. I had to skip the video to get to the written. My being left-handed leaves me out of watching a lot of the videos!

I found another that I’m going to try as well. This is what happens when I’m unable to sleep. Will see what happens. :grimacing:

You can watch the important parts of the video with a mirror to see how it is done left handed.

I have found that as long as you know what the stitch is, there is usually a video for left handed crocheters.

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I’ve gotten to where I can typically follow the written pretty well. I wish I had taken a pic of the one this lady had done. It really made the graphgan a lot better because it was smaller.

I also found this page by Happily Hooked in searching. I may attempt it as well.


Those are pretty cute patterns!

I like reading crochet charts because they don’t specify left or right handed at all…just follow the stitches!