C2C Rainbow Lapghan

For some ridiculous reason, I spent a period of time buying up Lion Brand Mandala yarn whenever it was on sale. That was some time ago, and I am happy to report that out of the (ahem) 18 various cakes I purchased, there are now only 4 in the stash. This particular project was two-fold: use up the stupid Mandala, of course, and also try out a C2C blanket. I didn’t follow a pattern or anything, just kept going on the increasing side of the blanket until a little more than half the Gnome Mandala yarn was used up, then used the rest to do the decreasing side. It is nice to have finally completed a C2C project. It is really nice to see less yarn in the stash!

Jigglypuff Sprinklepop decided it was a good place to sit. Cats, man.


Great idea for the yarn! I’ve had “try a C2C” on my crafts to do list for a while now, how did you like the style? Is it fairly intuitive once you get going?

Thanks! Yes, it is easy going pretty early on. I didn’t even look to see how to decrease until I wanted to, and it was fast work.

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It’s so pretty and colorful! Way to use up stash! I haven’t done a c2c in ages, but I remember it being fun to do.

hmmm good to know… good to know… (I may have a TON of yarn from “Buy 2 get one free? FREE?? I TOTALLY should buy a bajillion random colors in case I ever need to make a thousand baby blankets during a zombie apocalypse and yarn stores are no more” spree at Michael’s a year or more (it was more, shhhh, don’t look at me) ago.


Beautiful! :rainbow: And I really loved that mandala yarn too. :upside_down_face:

What does C2C stand for?

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Haha, how about crocheting and knitting zombie nets instead? :smile:


See, that’s why you’re the Mod and I am a mere mortal. Zombie nets! Genius! lol

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Hi @bluebird! C2C stands for corner-to-corner. You start at (you guessed it) one corner and end at the one opposite.


Zombie nets! :laughing: :blue_heart:

@pottermouth, Got it, thanks! :smile:

That is such a cheerful afghan! And please let Jigglypuff Sprinklepoop know that his efforts in this great crafty endeavor are greatly appreciated.


I love how colorful and happy this is.

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That is one happy blanket! I have a load of unpurposed mandala yarn…now that I see how you used it, I will look into patterns for C2C…I need a watch tv project!

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I love that cheery color in the dreary months. Great way to use up those tribbles :wink:

I love how utterly, unapologetically cheerful this is! Well done my Friend.

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*wants the blanket.
I have terrible grabby hands right now. I will need to go away for a while until I calm down some.


AntBee, I’m right there with you!

I too, adore the cake yarn and buy it whenever it’s on sale too, without having a purpose for it. I don’t understand my attraction to it but whoever thought up the idea for it is making a bundle!

I need to try c2c…that blanket is absolutely beautiful and the colors make me drool!

I want to try c2c, but just haven’t yet. I’m not really good at big projects. My crocheting is usually washcloths, dish towel toppers and the occasional hat and scarf…

Love your project and those colors are beautiful!!

Love the blanket. So colorful. And jigglypuff looks like he/she is saying back off- it’s mine.

I’m the same way!

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Oh. My. Goodness. The beautiful bright colors. I love it!!! :heart_eyes: