Cable gals

Guess who made more “mommy and me” clothes???!!! You guessed it. This gal!! :sunglasses:

I’ve been loving the look of those cable knit effect fabrics for aaaaaages, but they can be a bit pricey, so I waited until there was a random huge sale on a couple of months ago at one of my fave online fabric stores and then stocked up on soooooo many of the fabrics that were in my wishlist! It helped that MiL bought me a voucher for there for Xmas, she knows that I’m addicted… It was still a huge spend tho, I bought a loooot of fabric, oopsy! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hey, more fabric = more clothes for me = more lettuce posts! :grin:

I will admit that my jumper isn’t really the most “flattering” shape (Rosie’s however is of course :fire:), the pattern I used is perhaps better used with lighter weight jerseys with better drape, buuuuuut I love this pattern. I think this may be about my 6th top using it… I’ve made a summer version with short sleeves, a couple of pj tops, and a couple of hoodies! It’s so comfy, and I love the raglan sleeves, and the wide neck and I just wanted a nice slouchy warm jumper in a more sedate colour than usual, to go with all my crazy patterned leggings.

… I hacked it to add pockets to it… obviously!!

My sewing bud Spammy took photos for me at her house this time, to give Mr Loops a break. He still had to take the ones with Rosie tho :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

She’s such a poser…

Mind I say that… I’m kinda a poser too I guess…

My poses are just a bit weirder than hers eh?!

Oh and all my crazy patterned leggings are me made too, I have a ton of them!!

Hope you like! :clown_face:
Loops xx


I love both pieces and think you look great! Though Rosie is tough competition. :wink:

And I for one certainly support your fabric splurge. Sounds like the MIL jackpot! :laughing:


I think it looks great on you…I love seeing your posts, you always look happy and smiley and it always looks like the sun is shining on you. Keep on being your beautiful self


This is adorable! Looks like some comfy fabric and yes - pockets on everything!!


Another adorable top! It has a lagan look vibe that’s really cute on you! And then Rosie in her body con version… squeeeeeeee!


You both look stunning in your new jumpers!


I think it looks great! And when you find a top you like, make a million of them. Comfort matters. Love the leggings too. And Rosie is adorable as usual.


I love your top, but the paired clothing is THE BEST!!!

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Very elegant!

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Thanks so much everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I guess I’d better switch to summery clothes, admittedly we had a flurry of snow last week but I can feel the temps rising…

@Edel - That’ll be cos I [almost] always wear sunglasses so I don’t have to bother putting on makeup :wink:

@Abbeeroad - I know right, and my birthday is coming up in less than 3 months… I feel more fabric vouchers coming my way… I know we just moved, but we might need a bigger house just to house my fabric!

@gozer - Absolutely, I’m slowly replacing all shop bought clothes in my wardrobe with stuff made by me, better fitting, comfy, and ALL the pockets!

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Can you? It’s still chuffing cold here in Brizzle. Although that could be the wind off the river. Brrrr.

Nice matchy clothes though

Oooh you’re only just up the road from me, I’m in the Forest of Dean :grin: I can see the Severn Bridge from my sewing room so I can neeeeearly see you… well I could if I had a super zoom lens eye like the Terminator!

It was a smiiiiiiidge warmer today tho, I managed to get away without putting the heating on at all (mind mostly cos of the cost!) and I’m only wearing half of all the jumpers I own :wink: :fire:

Nice! It is definitely warmer than last week, we also had weird snow! But now I think I’m coming down with a cold :roll_eyes: Although my first one in 2 years.
I have no heating on and moved to my summer duvet* 2 weeks ago (when we had the nice sun), but I live in a flat so I believe I am heated a lot by my neighbours. Except in winter when I’m sat down at my desk all day.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Forest of Dean, despite it only being up the road.

*Is this just a British thing???

Yeah wasn’t that the weirdest?! My folks on the other side of the country woke up to a blanket of snow, whilst we had bright sunshine one minute, snow the next, then bright sun, then hail, lol. Dayng, good luck with the cold, hope it’s a mild one!

I think so, I had a discussion about duvets with some of my American friends recently and most of them if they have a duvet, used it like a blanket on top of their sheets, rather than their main bed cover, if that makes sense. So I imagine summer duvets are not so much of a thing defo!

We mainly come to Brizz to get sushi from the Sushi bar in Asda at Cribbs, rofl, and sometimes Ikea :wink: Tho I am coming over for a couple of days out in June with some friends, and you can bet I’ll be visiting Fabricland!!!

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Woohoo! Your awesome matching outfits are one of this week’s featured projects! GO YOU! :partying_face: :star:

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I love the matching outfits! That fabric looks amazing and comfortable. Well worth the spend!

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Weee thank you so much, myself and Rosie are thrilled! :smiley: She’s wearing her jumper right now in fact, tho she did just run off out of my sewing room so she could find a sunbeam in the bedroom!

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