Cabled Messy Bun Hat & Cowl

When we moved from Tennessee to Illinois in December, it became clear very quickly that I wasn’t properly prepared for a real winter anymore! I didn’t have a warm enough winter coat, and scrambled to order a warm but boring grey one. At the same time I decided that if my coat was boring, that I wanted to make myself a beautiful hat and cowl to go with it. I even took the chance to check out the independent yarn store in my new home, Klose Knit. There I found, and fell instantly in love with, this Malabrigo Mecha, in the color Archangel.

I started with Cabled Beanie Messy Bun Hat by Jennifer Renaud. I actually crocheted the whole thing, even though I wasn’t sure what I thought of how the cables were coming out. When I was done, the hat was too tall, and I didn’t like the cables, so I frogged it down to the brim, then remade it with my own cable pattern. (For anyone curious it was 75 stitches per row, crocheted in continuous rounds; laid our as “hdc, 6 strand cable, 2 hdc, 2 strand cable, hdc, 2 strand cable, hdc” repeated 5 times. I did 14 rows, then began the crown shaping.) The top has a hair elastic in it, so it can retain its shape as you pull your ponytail or bun through it.

For the matching cowl, I did the same exact pattern repeat, but to make it a little wider, I started with 105 foundation hdc stitches. Overall, I love the look of it, but I think I actually should have made it narrower, to sit closer to the neck, when my coat is zipped up. Here you can see that the wider width allows it to curl, so I might go back and remake it narrower next year.

And a second action shot I had to take, of me in my new hat, and Ada enjoying the beautiful knitted hat her Auntie @sheepBlue made.


She is so darn adorable! I love your bun hat, it’s so stylish! I’m a little jealous of people who can create actual buns with their hair. I was just telling my husband last night that mine always looks like a doorknob sticking off the back of my head :confounded:. That yarn you chose is really pretty and guaranteed to dress up your jacket!


Love that yarn! Cute hat and cowl. And Ada’s adorable!

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I love the yarn, I love the hats, I want to steal Ada, and I love you xxx

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awww…look at your two with your fancy warm hats!

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That yarn is just gorgeous! Perfect for warming winter stuffs! Love that when the first cabled hat didn’t work you did your own thing. With awesome results!

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Such a pretty set! I bet they will be well loved in your new, colder climate in the chilly months!

Now Moderator Talk: It’s a good thing that the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge that you entered this in is a drawing and not a poll, because including little Ada in the action shots feels a little like cheating! Pandering, at the very least. :wink:


I want to hug your baby! She’s adorable!

Oh wait, this is a post about hats and scarves… I can see why you fell in love with that yarn, it’s gorgeous! It’s so cool that you could switch gears to make exactly what you wanted. Your new winter wear looks great on you, too!

LOL. I know! I actually looked for any pics of me in them without Ada, but couldn’t find any. I only had action shots by accident. My mom likes to text me “I need a pic of Ada! Now!”, so I tend to take them wherever I am. Like a ‘pour your own beer’ bar. Or the Y.


Both hats are fabulous and Ada is adorable!