Cabled Pom Pom Hat

I finally finished my pom pom hat! Life distractions kept getting in the way so it took me longer to finish than I would have liked, but I finished it the day before the Long Island Yarn Crawl started and then managed to find the perfect pom pom for it at the first shop of the crawl.

I used this pattern but I altered it a bit.

I didn’t like that there was only the one cable panel so I divided up the stitches so that there could be two.

I’m so happy with my hat. It’s so soft and comfy and pretty. :relaxed: It also got to be a model for what the yarn looks like worked up while wearing it on the yarn crawl.


It looks great on you! Awesome neutral colors too.

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You did a terrific job! I have that hat in my library…I agree that two cables are better!

The pom pom was the perfect touch…

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cables make it!

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That’s fantastic! I :heart: cables (I can’t knit, so live vicariously through those who can do them, haha), and the colourway you chose is just perfect.

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The pom pom is the best!

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Thanks everyone! The cable gave me some trouble, but I’m glad I worked through it!
I love the yarn. It’s called Painted Mist. It felt like working with hand spun yarn.

Very pretty hat! The pompon looks great on it.

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