Cake anyone? An Owl's Wedding Cake

I really enjoyed making this, my Owl’s Wedding Cake; it gave me a chance to play with flowers. It is a huge cake that filled any room it was in, with color! I later gave it to a friend whose daughter was getting married. It was used as a center piece.

…poor photos, I know, but my camera wasn’t working right and I in fact had to buy a new one!


I love it! I really enjoying making and playing with flowers too. They are so fun and quick to make and you can choose so many different colors.

You did a great job.

Combination of knit and crochet? Interesting! Never seen a yarn wedding cake. Very colorful!

Glad you noticed! Oh yes, definitely have some crochet in there, too! I could’ve done the whole thing in crochet but I preferred to use the closed work of knitting for the tiers.

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Susie, thank you!

This is so cute and I love that you used colors instead of mainly white. It sets the mood.

That is magnificent!

Whoa! This is epic!

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I love this idea, and you executed it so well! Now you can keep your cake forever as decor in your home. Also I love owls, so I love it twice as much!

How cool!

So original!