Calla poncho just in time for cold weather

A dear friend is a shepherdess and indy dyer. I went to her farm last year and she had this simple, elegant poncho sample knit up in her farm wool. I fell in love! Its basic but to me would look great over a basic business dress when cold at work. At that time we had no idea if we were going back into the office or staying remote. Well I am pretty much remote and make trips into facilities so it will still serve that purpose. But, its all knit and blocked! It came out so soft and drapes nicely. Forgive the bad picture apparently my 7 yr old daughter was a little put out I was asking for a picture and she was “busy” I’m excited because I honestly, almost never, finish anything for myself!

But, I present The Calla Poncho



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Love it!

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It is really cool! I have been wanting to make a poncho for a long time…seeing yours is inspirational…one more thing to add to the wip pile…

Love the versatility of that color…


It was a great grab and go project really just increases every other row to make the a symmetrical area, no thinking needed so you can knit and chat without issue!

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I do find these greys so pretty and comforting! Very pretty way to use them!

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This looks so comfy and quite impressive! The busy 7 year old part makes me laugh. I can totally imagine an eye roll, followed by a general aim and click of the phone in your direction, before she hurried off to more interesting activities :relaxed:



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I can SEE the softness! Looks amazing

It’s lovely!!

Gorgeous! It does look super soft!

The simplicity of it adds to the sophistication. Beautiful color too.

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Stunning! Perfect for fall.

:bomb: Boomdiggity! Your awesome project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :boom:

Oohh I love this. It’s so pretty and versatile.

Makes me think I need a really soft grey large shawl. Might have to consider busting out knitting needles … who am I kidding?!

bahaha yeah straight stockinette stitch is always a challenge for me! It honestly got done because the shepherdess that produces the wool is a dear friend. I was helping her at an indy dyers event running her register while she helped people so I was of course knitting with her yarn and it was easy for that because I had to start and stop and this required no thinking or tracking.

Its been wonderful wearing it out and about as the weather has dipped!

It looks so snuggly and warm!

That looks amazing! So snuggly!