Camo Toe Wrap Hoodie

Heeeeeey crafty peeps, I’m back!!

Well after yet another fight with my spine over who’s in control of my body, I’m finally back to sewing again, with much help from my Saluki Fox Nurse Lady Arwen, and of course Mr Loops for running around after me and toting me back and forth to the quacks and hospital, and perhaps more importantly for moving around my sewing room so that my sofa is now in front of my sewing/computer desk which means I have much more flexibility in how I sit depending how I’m feeling!!

And yes, it’s an animal print(ish) hoodie, not camo, but you know I let Mr Loops pick the names of my creations…

Sooo back to my sewing!! I had initially planned to make a long cardi with this sweater knit fabric from Minerva but I fancied trying something new, so after browsing my ridiculously large collection of pdf patterns I decided on this faux wrap hoodie by New Horizons.

I love a hoodie, but I don’t like how high the necklines usually are, and wrap tops work well for my larger bazookas, so this design perfectly fit my purpose.

That said, whilst I do like the final product on the whole, it fits well and is nice and snuggly, I can’t say I ended up being a fan of the sewing pattern. The side panels pull in a very weird way, and I couldn’t work out how to fix it, so whilst I would defo make it again, I would omit the side panels and unfortunately the pockets :sob: to avoid the issue.

Also fyi whilst I did really like the fabric, it does have rather a tendency to snag if you’re not using nice sharp pins and cutters, and my hands are super rough atm (I really need to get into a serious hand cream routine!) and kept catching it, so keep that in mind if you wanted to get any!

And of course I have some Arwen piccies! She wasn’t enthused about being in the photoshoot this time mind you, I think she was peeved that I didn’t choose a fabric that would show up the plethora of fur she sheds everywhere :wink: :laughing:

Hope you like it :llama:
Loops xx


Hahahaha…Mr. Loops’ title is cracking me up!

I love the wrap neck on this! It looks fantastic on you. Way to persevere over multiple hurdles. I’m glad you are still sewing but sad you’re still fighting your back. I hope you figure out something to give you more lasting relief!

Ugh. It’s sooo dry hands catching on craft projects season. I hear you there!


I love it and it really suits you.

Tell me more about the ridiculously large collection of pdfs you have.

I’m about to drive back into garment sewing, I’ve loads of burda magazines and a piece of fabric that’s about to be dyed, so I think today I’ll have the pattern and maybe do a first go. But one can never have too many patterns, right?!


Bahahaha!!! This title is hysterical! But the hoodie looks fabulous on you!

Sorry to hear snot your health woes. But it’s good to see you fighting back! (See what I did there? :wink:)

  1. WOW! This looks so nice on you and really elevates a hoodie to something more than just a utilitarian top!
  2. Such a bummer about the side panels being weird enough that they’ll be going away and taking the pockets (!) with them.
  3. Hello, Lady Arwen! And don’t feel too put out, your fur will show up very nicely on your mama’s pants.
  4. So glad you’re feeling better and I hope you keep improving!

I love this style on you. I’d love one of these too. Hope you’re on the mend!


The shape looks great on you. I clicked on the post primarily due to the title so good job Mr. Loops :laughing: Hope you are feeling better!


This looks amazing, like always! I really love that you manage to make everyday, casual items look so special.


@Abbeeroad - Thanks! I’m waiting for a bunch of hospital referrals so hopefully there won’t be toooo long of a wait. I’m feeling much better atm tho thankfully, I can’t walk too much but hey at least I can sew!! :thread:

@Edel - I have soooo many patterns that I had to put together a multi-page spreadsheet so that I can browse them easier :wink: I do have a lot of free ones in there too tho! My fave pdf patterns are from George and Ginger, So Sew Easy, Patterns for Pirates, Petite Stitchery, Harristar, Ellie & Mac, New Horizons (now called Pattern Niche).

@Bunny1kenobi - Haaaaaa, nice pun, I like it!!! :grin:

@TheMistressT - I know right, I think of hoodies as being something super comfy to wear round the house or walk the dog in, so it’s nice to have an easy to wear throw on top that’s a bit cuter!!

And oh gosh you know it, her fur is just EVERYWHERE!!! On the plus side at least Arwen’s fur is longer, Rosie’s fur was very short and on occasions we’d have like pain in our feet or something and find one of her hairs embedded in there like a needle sticking out (which I’ve also had happen a couple of times too… mind I also once flicked a pin into my eye, I’m kinda accident prone…), very painful. That said it’s happened a few times even recently, she’s still with us in spirit and in stabby fur needles! :dog:

@Smmarrt - I do love a wrap top, very flattering!!

@lady4feet - Aww thanks, his last couple of titles didn’t hit the mark (going on the comments, lol) so he’ll be glad to have another winner, rofl!!

@Immaculata - Aww shucks :blush: :sunglasses:


Love this style! I, too, hate how constricting hoodies can sometimes be and this looks like it gives plenty of room for your neck and boobays. Love the fabric, pitty it pulls easily. I hope it last a long while.



I’m a 12 year old boy.


:sparkles: :fairy: CONGRATULATIONS! Your awesome project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :mermaid: :sparkles:

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Weee, thank you very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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