Camp Stamp Embellishments - EDIT: ADDED MORE DETAILS

I finally put to use these 1.75" (-ish) images from a sheet included in a summer camp themed paper pack!

I used a die to cut the perforated edges with a my Sizzix. I will probably add stuff to them when I put them to use or just decide to play more.

EDIT: I did, indeed, add more! I did some stamping and added die cut numbers & simples.


Fun! Can’t wait to see these pop up in future projects. :smile:

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Awww, thank you!

Great idea to make stamps out of them!

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They are cute designs. What do you have planned for them? How big are they?

No plans yet. I haven’t measured them. Like I mentioned the basic images are about 1.75" sq.; they’re on a mat with 1" increments.

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Duh! It was your first line. Ha! I am lurking at work and have my screen shrunk down. I think they would make cool fridge magnets.

:rofl: I will file away the magnet idea! TheMisterT’s sister and her family have a ski cabin and sometimes at xmas we give a gift to “The Cabin” and that would make a fun one!

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I love them. Love!
They’d make really cool stickers, backed with double sided tape maybe? Anyhoo, super cool!


Thanks, y’all!

Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. So I did some stamping on them and added numbers or symbols. There are pics above in the original post.

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They look so much more interesting with your additions!

Thanks! I think so, too. :grin:

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