Camper Curtains

We’re redecorating our “new” (18-year-old) camper, and found some adorable curtain fabric. I spent all day yesterday stitching, and hung them today, then made a bunting valence.

Hubster painted over the awful wallpaper (I imagine the corporate designers choosing patterns… "Oh, this one’s fresh and modern, can’t use that!),

and I " tiled" the backsplashes with upscale contact paper.

We even found a shower curtain we could agree on!

There was this odd container–a sturdy metal frame with a cheap, ratty liner. I decided to make a new liner, spotted some jeans, and went down the rabbit hole.


That really is cute fabric! And I really like that shower curtain. How fun to have a “new” RV!


You did a great decorating job!
I love the curtains, the shower curtain, the walls and the jeans basket.

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So cute!! I love the jean liner!

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Love the curtains and bunting!

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The camper fabric is adorable & the “tile” contact paper looks so real, it is textured like tiles?
We have a new camper too, I’ve been thinking of bunting, indoor/outdoor? It’s so cheerful.

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thanks, guys!

the contact paper is flat, but it’s printed from a photo of real tile, so it looks dimensional. It’s a really nice quality, thick and easy to reposition.

from amazon

Bunting valance! Camper print! So cute! Very clever back splash, too!

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The bunting valance is cute! (I thought it was part of the curtain from the preview picture…)

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I love everything! June always makes me want to camp. What a lovely space to relax and enjoy nature in. :heart:

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I’ve always wanted to redecorate a camper! I’ll just live vicariously thru you til I get my own!

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I love a good update to a camper. You did a great job on everything! We had a 1984 Jayco until about 7 years ago. That thing went everywhere and there were plenty of updating projects along the way. Oh the memories!

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