Camping Critters Joggers

I made these joggers for my SIL for xmas. The cute little critters print is from the POP! line by JoAnn.

I used Simplicity 8268; this is the 7th pair I have made with this pattern in various sizes and fabrics for various genders.


EDIT: After some reflection based on this pair and the last one I made for TheMisterT, I think that the elastic waist guide for these is off and runs large. Perhaps assuming the wearer is going to wear them lower on the hip than anyone I have made them for which would have the crotch sitting several inches down the thigh in a way that at least I would find uncomfortable.


Your peeps are so lucky to have you in their tribe making them all the cool and thoughtful things. And that fabric is too cute, I love it!

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Such a fun fabric for comfy pants!

These are so cute! How do you find the pattern in terms of instructions, fit, etc? I like that they have a bit more shape than the pajama pant pattern I’ve been using.

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I really like that pattern! The cuffs are great for not riding up in your sleep and keeping the cold from going up your legs!

You pick such cute fabrics to match the recipients!

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So cute! I love the print, and who doesn’t love joggers?! What an awesome gift.

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A most excellent gift!!

That fabric is adorable!

Thanks so much, everyone!

@wittychild I can’t think of an issue with the directions, but it has been a few years since I made my first pair, so I could forget. There are a few changes to the way I make them vs instructions, though:

  1. I haven’t use ribbing for the waste or cuffs after my first pair - the cuffs got all stretched out and I find it difficult to match with the fun prints in a way that suits my taste. This requires buying extra fabric and since I am trying not to load my stash with scraps, I don’t get the best use of the print on those pieces - or have enough material for pattern matching, etc.
  2. I use a stretch-specific stitch on my machine on almost all of it, so I don’t double stitch the crotch and I “trim” all the seams after sewing.
  3. The waist tie is just decorative, so I don’t include it.

I really like the fit! TheMisterT and I both have long legs and it’s nice to have comfies that aren’t cropped. They aren’t particularly roomy/bulky but aren’t especially snug either, which suits us.

I hadn’t even thought of that! TheMisterT and I wear ours for lounging, but that seems like a great benefit!


I stole a pair of comfy joggers from my husband because he doesn’t like cuffed things. He wears leg warmers over his non-cuffed sweats and PJ bottoms but takes them off before going to bed…I can’t stand the bunchiness…

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As a shorty, I need the cuff to keep from walking on them. These turned out great. That fabric is cute. I may check out the pattern for myself. I live in joggers all winter and since I do partial wfh, I like to work in them too!


Comfy and cute! I love the POP! line at JoAnn. They have some super cute stuff. I may also have to check out the pattern - anything with Simple in the title is right up my alley for sewing. :slight_smile:


Super cute!

Thanks, pals!

@AIMR Your hub’s method sounds… not for me. :joy: I like to have as few pieces and layers as possible and still manage temperatures - this is harder lately as my internal furnace is now kicking on REAL HOT randomly and suddenly. Sigh.

@gozer If you make them, you can make them as long as you want! I made a pair that I had to add length to for one friend and then taped the pattern back together.


These are awesome! Love that fabric! And an easy project is always welcome, right? :grin:

As far as ribbing goes, I have cut the cuffs off of socks that stayed up great but had worn out toes. Instant ribbing with the occasional bonus of a fun print.

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Mmmm, I love a good pair of joggers. I didn’t know they had a POP line of fabric. I purchased a couple of their wooden POP Halloween crafts that were cute so I could paint it in pastels. This is just adorbs.

Thank you, friends!

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Fun! And comfy, yay!

Thank you!