Can anyone help me find an split leg trouser pattern

I have a pair of trousers from a brand named apricot. The legs are not sewn together but overlap and are floaty lovely. they have an elasticated back waistband.

Similar to this: Paisley Wrap Split Leg Trousers | Apricot UK

Has anyone seen a pattern to make some?

I feel like @magpie or @edel might know something…

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Should be easy to draft from a regular pair of pants.

Line up the side seams of front and back leg patterns, spread out flat. Trace the back pattern, and include about 1/2 of the front pattern. Then repeat for the front, adding about 1/2 of the back pattern.

Cut from fabric, hem the loose edges, then assemble.


I just googled, this looks reasonable.

Ohh, you can wear those pants so many ways! Who knew?


Men’s kimono pants maybe? My brain is thinking you could sew up the sides

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They are very versatile - but how do you go to the toilet? :rofl:
I always think about getting a playsuit type thing but same question!

Just because I didn’t see it listed yet: this type of pant is often called “Thai Fishermen’s Pants,” and searching that term will turn up a TON of free patterns, tutorials, and walk-throughs on websites, as well as actual patterns, such as " Simplicity Easy-To-Sew Sewing Pattern 8134," which includes an elasticized waistband on the stationary/front part of the pants, rather than the double wrap version that is more traditional (and also, yes, exceptionally hard to go to the bathroom in carefully in a public place). :cherry_blossom:.


Untie the front, swoop it up and bunch it about at your belly. Sort of like what you would do with a long skirt, I suppose.
I have one pair that I really love wearing in summer.


Yeah, I’ve never had issues either.

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Years ago, I made some similar to the first link @Magpie shared. Very comfortable and no issues using the washroom, as others have already said.