Can create new topic from main page, but not from within subforum?

Is this supposed to be this way or is this a weird bug/quirk?

I can create a new topic from the main page, but I can’t create the new topic directly from the subforum page.

From the main page, it allows me to create the topic and put it in the Fashion subforum, but I can’t go to the Fashion subforum and click the “new topic” button directly from there.

I think if you go pick one of the sub boards to post from, you should be able to create a new topic that way. That’s how I did it for my project posts.


Huh…you should be. Exactly what SheepBlue Said. If you go to the board, then pick completed projects. Click on post completed project and go from there. Is it not letting you?

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OH I see!! Ok, if I go into Fashion > Completed then it DOES let me make a new post. I guess I wasn’t going deep enough into the actual category.

Thank you guys!!

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I had same confusion/question - it’s partly why I haven’t posted anything yet!

Ok, I get it now.

Fashion itself does not have any topics. So it won’t let you create a new topic directly from that page.

Fashion > Completed project DOES have topics. So that is where you can create a new topic.

The system is not letting you create a page on a page that doesn’t actually have posts. (If that makes sense.) I just didn’t get it until now so I was confused.

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Same! Thank you for clearing things up!

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You guys already figured it out, but you are correct! You cannot create a thread in the main category (Moderators, you can see the button illuminated because you have super override powers for all categories :smile:). You have to first access Completed Projects or Discussion and Questions. :white_check_mark:

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