Candle String Lights Winter Wreath Decor

Several years ago I picked up a string of these vintage electric candle lights at a junk store for a song and last January I finally figured out what I was going to do with them! Then I got allllllmost done and one was on backwards so I put them aside while I worked on some other things.

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Then last week I knuckled down and got 'er done! WOO!


Seven candle lights, seven brass hoops, a few disassembled floral picks, a holiday mushroom garland, wire ribbon, and floral tape for the wreaths.

Theyโ€™re hung with secruity cup hooks on a 7โ€™ strip of wood which has 3 screw eyes on the top. The screw eyes are hung on screw hooks attached under a window on the front of our house.

Each wreath is a little different because all the mushooms are a little different.

I think this will stay up until spring as a bit of seasonal cheer.


Oh wow. I was impressed with the one! It looks great!

This is amazing. I love them

I really like the hoops and the way the light reflects off them! Perfect holiday cheer!

Festive indeed!

I love thisโ€ฆ wonderful job as always!

Thanks, friends! Weโ€™re getting seriously snowed on today and I am excited to see how they look at night with lots of white around to reflect the lights.

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I love the set up for displaying them - so simple, yet genius! And the wreaths are cool too. :wink:

Super cute.

So cute with the one little mushroom! :mushroom:

Sweet! I particularly like the kind of fungal print on the ribbon.

Thanks, yโ€™all!

I was going to say the same thing!

They are BEAUTIFUL! The glow, the mushrooms, all the things.

I love that you used some vintage candle lights! These are really neat and look great on your house with the natural wood.

What a genius way to use those candle lights and mushrooms. The garland exudes a cozy / hygge vibe. Love it!

Aww, thanks so much everyone!

Thatโ€™s my kind of decorating. I like the woodsy holiday style. Do you have them on a timer?

Thanks! We live in the woods, so it really works for the exterior aesthetic. They are not on a timer, but the plus is not to far from the front door and easy to get to for turning and off. But now you have me thinking about a timerโ€ฆ :thinking:

Haha! We have one of those plug in timers. I try to buy solar but itโ€™s not always possible or easy.

Our other lights are solar, but these were vintage lights purchased at a thrift store. Some sort of solar rig near enough to these to be plugged in wouldnโ€™t get much light this time of year, unfortunately what with the low angle of the sun, limited daylight hours, and living in the woods. Sigh.

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