Candy cane dish towels

Here are some candy cane dish towels I wove for Christmas gifts this year. I love how they turned out!

ETA - I tried to add some in progress pics but I’m only allowed one picture in a post currently.


Whoa that looks professional! Amazing job!

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I am agog! Those are glorious! So, so fantastic, wow.

beautiful job! i love the slanted candy stripe. it gives it a real festive feel. i would love to see progress pics once you are able. this is facinating!

these are great. I love the design.

These are beautifully woven, and so very cheerful!

Those are fantastic!

Handmade beats store bought…every time! Your dish towels are dishy! :slight_smile:

Oh wow! These are so sweet!

Oh WOW! Gorgeous!

Holy mackerel, these are amazing!

Lovely! What type of loom did you use?


I wove these on a floor loom. The draft is an 8 shaft undulating twill.



What a fun pattern! Thanks for sharing it.

I am impressed! I wish I had the space for a floor loom so I could make things like this. But, then, I really should finish the scarf I have had on my Cricket loom for a while…

Haha if it makes you feel any better, I still have my first scarf on my Cricket almost 3 years later. And you know, they make folding floor looms on wheels :wink:

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Store quality! Great job!

this is crazy talented.

It does make me feel better :laughing: but, it’s also motivation to finish it! And, don’t tempt me with the folding floor loom… maybe when I retire!