Candy Copies - Paper Representation of Sweets

After copying a few different candy corns in paper, I wanted to copy these pretty blue speckled candy eggs. I guess I’m on a spree!


It took a few tries to get the blues right (or close enough). I wasn’t going to waste the rejected die cut pieces, though, so I have some extra blue-speckled eggs (right). The third try was the charm!

I think I will continue to make paper versions of candies I see when perusing the bulk food aisles at the grocery store. I have a few candy/sweets dies and I think it will be fun to use them to try to make a paper sweets stash. As I do, I will post them in this thread.


These are cute! 3rd-try colors look just right, to my eye. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

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I am loving this theme. I can taste these just by looking at them! Yum!

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Thanks, friends!

@endymion I was beginning to worry that even with all the shades of blue I had, I wouldn’t find the right two.

@Camelama I think it’s going to be fun to explore this idea!


I’m in the dark here.

Can you turn on the light of whatcha’ did?

I just made paper eggs modeled on the piece of candy at the top of the second photo. I used a a pair of dies to cut them.

Very cool idea!


Thanks, y’all!

Your charming 3rd is just perfect! How sweet are those?

Thank you!