Candy Corn Pudding - Quick Halloween Treat

We had a few friends stop by for dinner tonight on just a moment’s notice. Since I didn’t have a menu planned, I had to whip up a quick dessert.

I simply took plain vanilla instant pudding and mixed it with food coloring. I used classic yellow food coloring gel for one layer. I used neon orange food coloring gel, with just a couple drops of classic red to darken it a bit, in the other layer.

Mixed it thoroughly and then used freezer bags with the corners snipped as piping bags. The top layer is Cool Whip (also piped)!

Randomly scattered some colored gum balls that were left over from baby.sweets4ever’s birthday party and my dessert setting was complete!

*Copied over from the old site (via Wayback Machine, woohoo :wink:), so my text is 13 years old now. baby.sweets4ever is turning 15 next month. Wow.


What a fun dessert (and thanks for the flashback)!

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Makes for a very pretty fall dessert!

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This is too pretty to eat!

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Fun interpretation of a classic seasonal sweet!

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what a neat idea!
and these babies grow up way too fast, don’t they?

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Sounds yummy! I wonder how it would be if you did butterscotch for the darker layer and kept vanilla for the lighter one? Will have to keep this in mind for our Halloween party.

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Mmm, that sounds amazing.

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You got me thinking about throwing a Halloween party now… My friends kids would LOVE this…


The picture you captured is fantastic! Really sets a mood. I keep wanting to do better pics. but time gets the better of me. Great inspiration.


This looks so professional and tasty! Such a fun way to dress up a simple dessert!

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