"Candy" Heart Valentine for My Dog UPDATED ACTION SHOTS!

Listen. I love TheMisterT and all, but no human can expect to match the love between a Dogmom and her dog!

It’s filled with one of her standard treat selections, because… she’s just so chill that she’s happy with ANY TREAT :dog:


It’s tough getting good natural lighting at our latitude this time of year - the sun is low and we live in a forest - so the shadows are harsh and the colors a bit washed out. This is a conversation heart pattern (digital cut files from svgcuts.com) and I used the light, sherbet-orange color from the classics to make this box, because orange is one of Delia’s best colors.


Last night, I remembered that today was the day I needed to get action shots of Delia and then slightly panicked that I would forget when the time came. I remembered! First I want to share that Delia gets very interested and excited about gift unwrapping in her presence. (heh) So when it was time for her to get her gift she was pretty excited!



Immediately after that 2nd shot she had her snoot into those treats! To ensure the box was not mangled I handed her one. :love_letter::dog:


That is so cute! I could see all sorts of gifts being handy to present using a conversation heart. Really spells out what you’re trying to say :wink:

Action shots!!

Thanks! And you’re right, there’s lots of options for this box! Like, it’s the perfect size for saucy underpants! :heart_eyes:

After Valentine’s Day! I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!


Oh yeah, I forgot about it not being v-day yet…I get excited about dog photos and I forget about holidays. :sweat_smile:



Tara, your crafts are also so wonderfully, very slightly left field. I love them

Awww, thank you, Edel! :dog::gift_heart:

Awww! It is puppy love! What a sweet idea.

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That’s adorable! P.S. Waiting on action shots, too. :wink:

Thanks, y’all! Feeling the pressure not to forget the action shots!

I added action shots to the initial post!

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Aaah, look at her! She loves it! :heart:

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Aw, she’s such a cutie about her box of treats. How adorable can you get? :bone::dog2::gift_heart:

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