Candy Shop Magnet

One of my favorite things is filling a little space and making something functional with it. Here’s a little sweets shop that I turned into a fridge magnet. The little jars are filled with nail decor and micro beads, the jar tops are beads fitted with straight pin heads and the table legs are made from a few beads glued together.


So cute! I love your eye for knowing how to use items in unique ways!

That’s adorable! :lollipop:

So sweet! :candy:

Oh my goodness! This is adorable!


I love to see all the tiny things you make - this is so cute!

This is adorable! I could see a whole slew of mini food nook magnets along these lines. So cute!

OMG! This is so dang cute! I think it has the just the right amount of itty bitty details!

Eeep! So teensy! :heart_eyes:

Oooh, so sweet and cute!


i’m a fridge magnet junkie so this is right in my wheel house. love it!

Very kawaii!!!

I’m such a sucker for teeny tiny things!

That is so cute, and that it’s a magnet just makes it so much more awesome, it won’t be tucked away when there is no shelf space :smiley:

I love tiny little houses. The floating shelf is especially unique. Very cute indeed.

I love tiny things, this is so sweet, and a fun surprise to see on a fridge.:candy::lollipop:

I love these!!! they’re so cute!!!

I love how adorable this is! I love how you can see “full-size” objects and use them in a tiny world. I need some o’ those skills for my daughter’s dollhouse!