Candy Tackle Box

I made these for my swap partners. My thought was after they ate the treats in the box, they could fill it with craft supplies. One is Santa and the other is Krampus. I made the image with my cricut… This could be done for any occasion.


What a cool idea! I love the reusableness of them, but realllllly love the custom vinyl decoration on them.


Great idea! Turned out very nice. Love that it will be re-usable; it’s perfect for craft supply storage.

Such a great idea. & also, nom!

What a sweet treat!

Excellent idea! I have one of those around here somewhere. Were the images on a sticky vinyl or something? I don’t have a cricut so I’m not versed in the supplies.

Thanks all! Yep sticky vinyl paper but, you could also use cool wrapping paper and modge podge it.

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It could also be used for road trips with kids, little treats and toys for them


These are really cool and so useful, too! I love these little organizers. The cricut decoration makes them extra awesome.

Fantastic idea and execution!

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Great idea! I love this, it’s genius! I especially like the idea of a travel kit for kids.

Adding the vinyl to those storage boxes really makes them unique! Creative people can make anything functional even better!

Very nice project for swapping with another crafting person as well…I can see many uses!