Can't build pottery, so might as well post some

I made this with scrap clay and experimented with a glaze I hadn’t used yet for gas firing. The finish looks shiny gray, like a dark pewter, in some light, but more like a shiny brown in daylight. It’s basically a push plate with an added foot ring, but more like a bowl or candy dish because of the shape. The basic technique is to put the slab on a thick piece of foam rubber and push another form (in this case, a rubber toy ball) into it to give it a plate or vessel form.


How unusual that shape is. Very striking, I love it!

Nice texture!

Gorgeous shape and color!

What an unusual texture.

Your pottery receptacle is awesome. Love the organic look and texture of this piece.

Terrific texture! That is really amazing.

It almost resembles a squished mushroom! I love it…all of the dimples…it is really lovely as a sculpture…nice that you could use it as a dish…

Such a cool piece!

This is really cool!

so unique! it looks like hammered metal! but then isn’t! or something aquatic. really beautiful - and useful! I would definitely use this. (sorry!)

:shamrock: :metal: :four_leaf_clover:

I really like this! The shape and texture are so cool.

This is gorgeous. I adore the sculptural, texture, and color.

This is so cool! I admire people who can do such awesome stuff with slab!!

I love the texture, and the glaze is really awesome I think

Beautiful! I love the organic feel of the piece, and the deep pewter color.

Such a unique piece, I love the texture!