Cappa. 1984


I’m in the art section …? Right?
In prrevious post people asked me to explain my work what medium I used and so on…
All I can say is that a picture says more then a thousand words and that’s why I do this through my art…I mean …all is open for the viewer and it’s not to the artist to explain the work…I give you a title and a picture…I don’t have to explain my intend as if there is one anyhow…how the mod aproached me in the comments I dindn’t like very much…But all I can say is that I made this of a picture that I edited with several apps…(I’ve been a llong time on crafster and if the work of the moment didn’t need no explaination I didn’t do it and noone complained…
Anyhow…last night I made CAPA. 1984.



Hi @Stefanie
While your work is really great and thought provoking, you may have noticed you are not getting a lot of responses.

This is a place for sharing and discussion and you aren’t giving people much to discuss. Yes, art is in the eye of the beholder and maybe you feel the artist doesn’t have to explain their work, but this is a forum for public discussion not a gallery show.

You may want to read the site FAQs before deciding to post more pictures.
We would love to discuss and see your art but please read the FAQs and check out the guidelines to see what is acceptable and what isn’t. This isn’t craftster. it is Lettuce Craft.

some relevant sections:


Hello Stefanie. No one is asking you to explain the meaning, or justify your art. We are asking you to obey Community Guidelines by talking about your work in some way. All members are required to do this regardless of their medium. If someone knits a sweater, we ask that they mention the name of the pattern, the type of yarn used, what they thought of how the pattern was written, etc. Just because your post is on our Art boards does not make it exempt from those rules. For example, on this post you could say something like:

I started with a photo of a biker I found on a web search. Then I used Affinity Photo to render it black & white, and flipped the image horizontally. Finally I added in a black frame to finish it off.

None of this is difficult or unreasonable on a forum. None of this requires you to explain the meaning of your art.

I’m sorry you don’t like the Mods bringing the fact that your posts don’t conform to our Community Guideline to your attention. I’m not sure if you are objecting to it being brought up within your thread, or objecting to it being brought up at all. However, that is our job.