Captive Mummified Pixie

I’ve been so enamored of @RagingSloth’s mummified creatures that I got inspired to dig up photos of an older project of mine to share here in our “new” home.


A dollar store skellie that I cut up, mummified, and glued into a pose set into a broken bird feeder left by the previous owners of our house on a burn pile that I distressed.

In fact, everything except the skeleton was from stash, found under the house, or otherwise rescued.




I did this 7 years ago, my second ever thing-in-a-cage craft that started a search for more cheap cages in which to put creepy, sad things.


Wow! So realistic is creepy :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh! I love it! Dead fairy friends! Lmao!

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Ohhhh yeaaaaah… this is amaaaAaaAaazing!!! I love everything about this! The wispy hair. The desperate reach through the bars. The chains. The tin that probably held food or water… all beg the question: was this just desserts for a very naughty pixie, or remnants of a pathetic victim (clearly the fault of a previous tenant of the property, discovered by our lovely friend and consequently conveniently displayed for the season? I mean, no point wasting a good mummy, right)?:thinking:

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THANKS Y’ALL! It’s the creepiest time of the year!


This is so creepy and kinda sad in a wonderful gory Halloween way. I love the “found under the house” category of things. Perfect.

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So creepy cool!

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