Cardboard tablet stand

I’ve been planning to make a stand for my new tablet. I was thinking something cool and complex, with a beanbag base, wood frame, nifty fabric.

But I got tired of waiting to figure it all out, and made this from two cereal boxes. No cutting needed, just folded to fit the tablet, and the ends of one box slid into the other.

I added a ribbon to hold it together, but it sits fine if I flip the tablet cover over the top.

Maybe I’ll cover it with fabric.


sometimes functional is just what you need!
I should so something like this when I use my tablet in the kitchen. the case I got for it doesn’t hold it at the angle I’d like.

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That’s super clever!

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Yay for using what you have already! Very clever :smile_cat:

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Brilliant. Just brilliant. :grin:

Necessity is the mother of invention! You get bonus points though for creating something practical from the recycled boxes of a delicious cereal.

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For the kitchen one, have seen them done using cutting boards, with a Scrabble tile holder to hold the tablet and then maybe a wood door stop glued to the back to stand it up?