Cars and Road Play Set

I posted this in a couple of the craft alongs I’m doing but I thought they should have their own thread. I doing the 52 week sew along on Facebook and this weeks theme was pinterest inspiration. So the bottoms photo is what inspired me. I have a nephew who is a year and a half old and I loved the idea of a fabric cars and road set. So I figured out my own measurements for the roads and had the car patterns in a book.


Super cool and creative! I love the cars!

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Thank you! I had fun making them! And I think you could get two full cars out of a fat quarter so I have left overs to make more cars if I want.

This is so frikken cool, I signed in from work just to comment! Yes, I am sneaking a crafty peek from the office. And yes, I will be lifting this idea to make similar for a friend’s baby. It’s totally adorable, portable, and awesome!

Thank you! It was a simple project that was fun to do. He hasn’t really been playing with it much yet. But he is still pretty cute.

I love all the cars are a different shape! What a fun project!

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Whoa! This is awesome, and I think it helps me to decide what to do for my grandson (that would be a space saver). ooh, I have a lot of idears.

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Thank you @CatwithSevenToes and @JoyfulClover i enjoyed making these. Might have to start thinking about the next birthday soon.