Cat Clue Inchie Dice

Made for @geekgirl in the recent Inchie Dice Swap. I was instantly drawn to her “board games” theme, but then couldn’t get Clue out of my head. The suspects and weapons just fit the 6-face dice so perfectly. When the time came to draw faces, however, I panicked and they became cats. I cannot claim that the idea is entirely mine. Inspiration came from these cards I found randomly online.

Inspired by the watercolor class @jemimah taught, I made a template for the cat shape, and then embellished from there. Of course, once I committed to the Cat Clue theme, the weapons had to be cat-ized as well! :laughing:

So, what do you think? Was it Mrs. Purrcock with the claws:

Mew White with the newspaper:

Whisker Green with the spray bottle:

Col. Meowstard with the can opener:

Meow Scarlett with the yarn ball:

Or Pawfessor Plum with the dead fish?

I’ve never really done inchies before and the size was both manageable and daunting at first, but ended up being really fun! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this swap in the future.

Thanks for looking! :smile_cat:


Oh, these are all kinds of awesome! Love your cattified version of Clue!


Pawsome! I would love to play Mew!


Dying over those character names :laughing:. Also, way to commit to the theme even in how you wrote the post.


How adorable and clever!!


Whisker Green is my fave, truly inspired!


I would buy this if I saw it in a store. Like, for myself and also as gifts for everybody. It’s amazing.


Aw you guys are too sweet. Thank you!

I had visions of a pouch that opened into a cat-themed game board. A big litter box room, a room full of cat trees, a cushion in a ray of sunlight…but that was beyond the scope of the swap and my desired level of time commitment! :laughing:


this is cute and HILARIOUS to me!
thanks for sharing & I may get up the nerve to try this swap in the future…


I love everything about this! The cats are so cute and the weapons are hilarious!

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Ha! This cracks me up…I love the play-on names!

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OMG! These are so funny and clever!

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Purrfectly meowvellous!! I think it was Colonel Meowstard with the can opener - just look at that monocle, clearly villainous!

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the mishmash theme was purr-fect!
I love them!

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