Cat desktop basket

I just finished my Christmas present for my brother! It’s a desktop basket with a cute orange kitty design! He and I both have orange kitties and absolutely love them to bits. <3

It’s made with this pattern:

and the recommended Amigo Giga yarn (although I swapped out a couple of colors - changed the white to cream and the grey to blue).

I really like both the pattern and the yarn a lot! The basket has really good structure, and held its shape well even before adding the second layer for extra sturdiness.

You can easily put heavy things like scissors in it, leaning against the edge, without making it sag or anything. The yarn is also really pleasant to work with and comes in such pretty colors. I just snagged a bunch more of it while it’s still on sale!

I’m kinda tempted to try to come up with some of my own designs to use with this basket pattern; it could be really fun to make it with different critters or other patterns!


That’s purr-fect! (Sorry! :smile_cat:)


It’s so cute! From the title I thought it would be a basket for the cat to sleep in lol


It’s adorable! Your brother will love it.

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This. Is. SO GREAT!!! I want to pinch those kitty cheeks!!

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This is so cute! There is something a bit Wallace & Grommett-y about his expression and bow tie that is super charming.

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What a cute present. It looks great.

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So cute. The bowtie is killing me.

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So stinking cute, it’s putting the “fun” in functional! :heart_eyes:

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