Cat Embroidery with a Head Start

When @Camelama posted her hoop, I was just fascinated with how she started with a printed piece of fabric from Spoonflower!

I immediately bought six different designs; this one was my first!

Link to original fabric sample

A couple of things:

  1. Many of the designs come in a multiple of colorways to fit whatever suits your color scheme. This is going into my “library” that has the same teals.

  2. This is an 8" hoop…you can use a 6" if you just want the main design.

  3. You really can use whatever stitching you like…my repertoire is limited so I used backstiching, french knots, and made up stuff

  4. You can add embellishments! I added two wooden star buttons that I painted with a sharpie to get the colors I wanted. There are stars under them to embroider, but I wanted a little something extra.

  5. I also changed the face by adding a smile, highlights to the eyes, and eyebrow whiskers…

  6. Does my lettering look good? lol…I really am bad at lettering so I just do some simple straight stitches and then use a fabric pen to color in the rest and make everything even…yeah, I cheat!

  7. The linen fabric was thicker than the plain cotton I am used to.I used a rather large needle so the thread holes are bigger…next time, I will find a thinner needle (I only have a few hundred needles but seem to use the same two or three).

Thanks for looking…the next one is calling me!


Yay! They are addicting, aren’t they? Great job! Your embellishments are perfect. The star buttons! The eyebrow whiskers!!! :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Thanks for introducing me to this! It is a fairly easy project to do when you just want to keep your hands busy while watching tv.

I will use my perle cottons for the next one…it is mostly just lines…

There is one I bought that I copied and then cut out parts to cut them out in felt…I want to try a felt/embroidery piece to see if it turns out…and yeah, there are hundreds of possibilities now…lol…I have been scrounging through some of my other Spoonflower fabrics to see if I might already have some that would work, but these were made specifically for the samples…thanks bunches for a new fun craft!


That is adorable… you had me at “cat”, lol. :heart_eyes_cat: Now I kinda want to try something like this myself!


Oo, how fun! I think there really is something to having a nice starting point to then do whatever you want!


It also cuts out the pattern transfer step so it saves some steps! I will add this to my ever-growing list of things I like to do!

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I think a lot of people get stuck at the point of what to with an utterly blank pattern - it’s just to much possibility. This method sort of narrows it down to the most fun parts!


I love hearing your thought process. These look like a lot of fun. So many new swaps coming up. I can see possibilities…depending on how quickly Spoonflower ships.

I think the wooden stars were the perfect addition.


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This turned out so cute! Your additions and changes really make this special.

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Super cute!

That looks fun to do!

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I love this!

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Congrats! Your project is one of this week’s featured projects! You are awesome!


I am so glad you posted this. I barely dabble in embroidery, but I want to do more. I looked at the link but had no idea how you would embroider some of them. This was one of them. I LOVE the way you did it. Fantastic and inspirational!


Thanks…I tried to pick simple ones that could just be embellished as much or as little as you want. I am not great at a lot of different stitches even though I have tried a lot by watching YouTube videos. I think this is an easy way to get something fairly quickly even if you are not a stitcher…

Here is a pic of it hanging in my library/guest room. I like wrapping or painting the hoops.


love the touch of the wrapped hoop. It really makes the whole thing pop.

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What a cool idea and great execution. I love the wrapped hoop too for a little extra pizazz. It’s so cute.

So super cute, and great tips too!

I love this. I’ll have to check out the preprinted fabric. I didn’t know that was a thing.

lol blame @Camelama ! She is the one who started me on this with her adorable guinea pig hoop! She just completed another one—check it out in the threads…a whale!

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