Cat invents new toy

Felix almost 1 year-old slinky black kitten-cat . He raids the craft room every chance he gets and last week he appropriated a pipe cleaner and kept bringing it back to me for play time. I added a long crochet hook as a handle and love happened. We now have three of these and they are a favorite. Cat inventor!


attaching it to a crochet hook is a good idea. I have a cat that likes pipe cleaners too.
Once a while back he brought me a silver metallic pipe cleaner. Which I have never purchased. I think he stole it out of someone’s bag when I had my craft group over!


Sneaky kitties. They know what they want.

Brilliant idea. Many hours of fun I am sure

Felix is too cute!

Been there. If you take one and roll it up around a pencil (think spring like) they love to smack them around. Even better? the cats look so amazed when you can “fix” there toy after you step on it!

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